J. Christopher Earl lives in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, where he is currently attending Multnomah University and majoring in Pastoral Ministry, Bible, and Theology.
  His early childhood was filled with long hikes to nowhere, working on the farm, and hiding in the dusty pages of Pratchett, DekKer, Peretti, Tolkien, and Lewis.
  His mind filled with a thousand worlds and ideas, J. began to form his own worlds, which eventually became a single world known as Averelia.
  His highest hope is simply this, to show others the love of God through his life, his writing, and his every action.


  What can be said about a dream, captured with ink and tied to old parchment?  Only the author knows in full the every fluid detail of what he has seen.  Here is my puzzle of Averelia, for it is a dream enslaved to pen and paper.
  Here, as in our world, all was created by the breath of the Maker.  Light and water danced in the great nothing, until life was made, and in the beautiful unmarred lands mankind was born of the Creator's will.
  Yet a story is nothing without strife, and strife was born of pride.  The greatest of lights, a created thing, longed to be greater even than the Creator.  In his rebellion, his light was taken, for light, in Averelia, is the Maker's mark.  He became a shadow, slithering in the darkness of a newly broken land.
  The south of the world was burnt black and thrust into a permanent night.  There the Shadows dwell.
  Yet in the beautiful North live men and women of all kinds.  The Keepers watch over the four clans, Aranok, Tesel, Yaval, and Medaln, and peace has at last come to the once warring peoples; the first peace since the Shadows first rebelled.


  You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say. - F. Scott Fitzgerald
  Long ago, our world was good  God sat back and rested.  All His work sat before Him, and it was very good.
  But a trickle of darkness slipped in.  The shadow, wanting to be better than God, rebelled against the Creator, and mankind joined in the rebellion of darkness.
  Yet time and time again God called His children back to Him, pleading with them to return to Him.
  In His infinite love, He always made a way for His rebellious children to come back.  Ultimately this led to the death of Christ, who took the punishment for our sin.  Jesus Christ, God in human form, was beaten, mocked, and killed.  He did not deserve to die, but He took our place.  Any who are claimed by Christ are paid for by His sacrifice, and like Him, we too will rise from the dead and live forever in His presence.
  Those who follow Him on this earth live in His light, chasing His will wherever it goes, and telling the story to all who will listen.
  This is why I write, to tell a parable of this world.  To teach others about the Kingdom of Light, where Christ reigns and His children never walk alone.