The Three Stages of Editing

Big Picture Editing

This stage focuses on the broad strokes of the work while still ignoring minor details of grammar and punctuation. The heart and structure of the work are under analysis.

$0.65 / 100 words ($325 for 50,000 words) 

Line Edit

A line-by-line sentence-by-sentence examination of the author's word choice, phrasing, and sentence structure with the end goal of structuring and polishing phrasing so that it becomes clear and vivid in the reader's mind.

 $0.55 / 100 words ($275 / 50,000 words)

Final Polish

A final read-through of the text in order to weed out last-minute grammatical errors.

$0.25 / 100 words ($125 / 50,000 words)

Other Services

Manuscript Critique

A broad overview of the text intended to give the author an idea of what level of editing their text needs, as well as giving minor structural suggestions and grammatical edits. A good starting place for a new author.

$0.25 / 100 Words ($125 for 50,000 words.)

I will critique a 1000 word sample of your work for free in order for you to better understand my services and make the final decision.


Professional Review

For completed books, I will purchase your book in order to critically read and review it. This includes a 2-3 sentence review emphasizing the strengths and value of your manuscript which you may quote on the cover of your book and anywhere else you like.

$45, with a $15 discount if you send me the book.

(Included free in the Complete Package)

Paperback Formatting

The manuscript will be formatted for printing through Amazon’s CreateSpace self-publishing service.

$0.10 / 100 Words ($50 for 50,000 words.)

(Included in Complete Package)

eBook Formatting

The manuscript will be formatted for eBook publishing through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

$0.15 / 100 Words ($75 for 50,000 words.)

(Included in Complete Package)

Cover Design

With the author’s guidance, ideas, and photographs, I will design a cover.


(Not Included in the Complete Package)

Example Cover

Complete Package

Includes :

  • Three-level edit, with verification from the Author after each level.
  • eBook and Paperback formatting.
  • Free Professional Review ($45 Value)
  • $1.62 / 100 words (5% overall discount!)
    • Only $807.50 for a 50,000 word novel!