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A New Home

A New Home

As I write this I can hear the noise of my wife brushing her teeth. The faucet is running. There are a few sharp taps as she knocks the brush against the edge of the sink, banishing the last drips of water from the bristles. From my chair I can barely hear her flossing, except the occasional click of the string snapping out of a particularly tight spot. She steps out for a moment, dressed in a maroon blouse, black sweater, and faded jeans. Her hair is tied back in a pony-tail. She checks her phone and stands idly for a few seconds before returning to her bed-time routine. Meanwhile, I’m tapping at a new website, figuring out the nuts and bolts of a new system, hopefully a better system.

The wind rasps through the trees on the other side of the street. Upstairs I hear our neighbor’s water running. There are footsteps. Still, it’s grown quiet. Marissa gives me a minty good-night kiss, but not before I promise not to stay up past midnight. She shuts the bedroom door, and I’m alone with my thoughts.

Graduation is only three weeks away, and then… what? Summer holds all kinds of mysteries and terrors. I’m supposed to make rent, which will probably go up. There’s a baby due in July, and I’m supposed to be a dad? I said something about a book coming out in August. Well, I guess I wasn’t planning on getting much sleep anyway. At least I’ll have something to do. Fall brings another school year for Marissa, her last, but likely her most difficult. I have no idea how she’ll manage with a baby to think of on top of all the studying. Then winter, and Christmas, the turning of the year once again, another birthday, more rain, the “pink mist” of the local cherry trees will come out again, and then she’ll be done with college as well. And then? Is that when the world will open to me? Is that when I will be able to step out of this crowded city into a new home?

For now, I’m still working at the local bakery – garlic bread is on the far side of the far island, top of the shelf, gold foil, can’t miss it – still dreaming of strange worlds – would Sam really say something like that when faced with that kind of creature? – and still trying to make a difference in my local community through my church. All of it seems a little pointless sometimes, when nothing is moving no matter how much effort I put into it. It’s incredibly easy to become discouraged.

Still, for now, this is my home. This is my life. It’s not glamorous or glorious. It’s often quite mundane and monotonous, but I think I must love it, for it’s what I have. I would much rather love what I have than what I might have. I think it will save me some trouble.

Welcome to the new site! Take a look around, and check in from time to time. I’ll be updating more regularly now that school’s almost over. I look forward to the coming days! Thanks for joining me as I face them.

-J. Christopher Earl